Thursday, November 24, 2011

Spelunkers!... Shine!

Our family nugget yesterday brings me my thankfulness today:
'I think it is right to refresh your memory as long as I live in the tent of this body.' from 2pete1:13 --  Did you catch it?   Not the castle of this body, not even the house of this body... the Tent of this body.    Ever go camping?  You unpack the tent, knowing it's not forever, knowing you will soon take it down and move on.  You drive in the stakes, knowing you'll pull them up. As awesome as it is, eventually you get rips and holes and snags, it leaks in the rain and everything just wears out...because it's not made to last forever.

That makes me thankful because I know someday there will be no hunger, no pain, no aches, no broken down old bodies, no separation.... there will be nothing left between me and Jesus.  The tent will come down and there will be no more struggle.  Just His Peace.

For now, our lives are just a mist.  We have only a short time to be effective and productive for Him.  There won't come a day when you finally have all you need to serve the Lord.  You Had all you needed the day He became your King.   There's no time for the stars to align.  You are the stars, when you hold out of Word of Life!  It's not complicated.  You don't have to get your degree.  You need only to shine!

There's always going to be rough weather, something from the outside pounding on the walls of your tent, wanting to make a mess of your Cheerios. That's okay!

Are you missing some of your stakes?  Turkeys!  Can't find your rain fly?  Cranberry Sauce! Is your tent dripping in the rain?
Great!  Good!  Gravy!
It's not supposed to be perfect.  It's not supposed to be easy.  It's not supposed to last.  Soon you'll take it down anyhow.  So get busy all you spelunkers! Strap on your headlamps and crawl down into the caves of darkness!  Shine your light on some lost souls and show them the way to freedom today!  Love them with everything you've got, because there's not time for anything else.

The sun is just beginning to rise here in Haiti. While I'm still here in this tent,  I'm going to go do a little exploring this morning!  There's a new church to find just down the road!  A new village I've never seen, but I've heard there are thirsty souls there, coming from the desert.  The Word of God will soon bring them hope.  Thank you Jesus!

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