Tuesday, October 8, 2013

When Do We Stand Up?

In Haiti, I have the freedom to go into public schools and government buildings and actually give the Gospel.
I have also have the freedom to teach my 13 year old how to drive.
I can plant a tree anywhere, dig a ditch anywhere, so long as my neighbor is good with it. I can baptize down in the local river. I can take a shower, outside. I can stake my daughter's horse, and two goats, anywhere.
There is a monument to Jesus Christ, dying on a HUGE cross, at the largest intersection of the biggest city in the south. EVERYONE who enters this city must drive around Jesus.
This is Haiti.

Yet, in America, we shut down War Memorials for veterans, National Parks and a school in Ohio must pay a $95,000 fine for a picture of Jesus on the wall....
Are you kidding me, America? Could we not find a better way to spend that money, as our entire government acts like toddlers? Where is our freedom?
At what point do we stand up and say NO?
When do Americans start acting like Americans again?
This is a lullaby. There is no time to sleep.
I see old, great-grandpas, war veterans, and truckers willing to jam up DC in standing up for their country. But where are the rest of you?
They didn't build our country and shed their blood so we could just give it all away.

Jesus went up on a cross and shed His blood so I could have the Ultimate Freedom. I will not give that away. They CAN'T take that away.

But they can take your America, America.

My grandfathers and great grandfathers and their fathers fought for this country. My dad fought for this country.

For me personally, I would like someone to run for President who is prepared to take us back, and I mean all the way back, to the grassroots of our great country. I would like ideas, values, and morals restored, please, to what our Founding Fathers or Abe Lincoln stood for. Just go back to those building blocks and we'd be so much better for the wear. I would like National Prayer, National Fasting, and a call to repent and turn to Jesus, and I'd like a leader who has the guts to stand up and lead by example. I vote we repeal all the silly laws that say I can't hang up a picture of Jesus. I vote we be finished with hiring senators and lawmakers and Presidents who only want to squabble on camera, and judges who only know righteousness based on a bankroll.
I'd like to vote for someone willing to stand up completely, in humility, for Jesus, and someone who will lead our country down the narrow road.

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