Thursday, October 3, 2013

15 in Haiti

She turns 15 years-old today, and she's not very thrilled with me.  She thought because she's having 'girl problems' and it's her birthday, she should be allowed to skip school.  I explained to her that unless she's throwing up or bedridden from a high fever, she's going to be sitting in the school room and learning. 
I sang Happy Birthday to her first thing this morning, but she didn't know how to take that.  She was nervous and bashful and turned her back to me.  
I told her she needed to go to the city with me today, and sit in a busy bank and an Immigration office.  She thought at first she wouldn't like to go, and couldn't understand why I'd make her do that, but now she seems 'in the mood'.  She keeps asking me when we're leaving. She does, after all, get to ride on the motorcycle, and I don't know a kid in this country that doesn't appreciate that. 

A woman from the old village is also baking her a special cake today.  This is not a common practice here at all.  We hope it will arrive while we're in the city.  Yesterday I bought pink streamers and used balloons, and little gifts, like her favorite, Haitian roasted peanuts.  The kids have been secretly crafting special cards for her.  Kari hopes to have everything set up and ready for when we return from our 'miserable trip in the city'.  :)
In 15 years, Oberline Limite can't remember ever having a cake or a party in celebration of her birthday.  Today will be the first.  

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