Saturday, October 26, 2013

Market Day

This woman looks upset at me, but she's really just tired.  These ladies carry their goods around all day trying to sell, usually with loads that can vary from 50-100 lbs, depending on the fruit or vegetable.   I've often wondered how Paul and some of the early missionaries found it convenient to share the Gospel in the markets.  There is so much noise and activity and busy-ness going on.  Vendors yell out their prices and feisty customers haggle and stomp about as if they're being robbed at gunpoint if the price isn't just right.  I don't usually go with Kari into the throws of these markets.  I'm normally waiting for her on the street or running a more 'manly' errand like buying nails or propane.  When I do decide to tag along, all the momma's see this sucker coming and they give me their sweet momma smiles. They tell me their woes and I'd buy just about anything.  Kari is much more savvy. She doesn't fall for it and can negotiate with the best of them.  I cave in and decide we must certainly need some extra black beans and onions...She says it's very difficult to market with me. :)

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