Monday, June 17, 2013

Yea, Though I Walk...

There are a people here who are standing for God, making a grave decision to follow Him. They are standing up to generations of tradition, willfully splitting from the religion of their peers, and that action of the heart is flying in the face of a very real enemy, so real that it's caused neighbors to pick up rocks against them. It's caused grown men to wait for them in the dark, to attack them unaware. 

All because they want to follow Jesus.

Yet when these saints open their mouths in worship, they practically raise the foundations of this church, still under construction. There is no band. No guitar. Just their voices, and it's enough!

It sprinkles rain. It could downpour at any moment. They have only half a roof and no walls.
They are a work in progress indeed, but with all of their heart, soul and mind they LOVE God. Their decision is grave and they know it, so when they sing for Him, they sing for all they are worth. They are all in. Sold out. On fire. They walk through the valley of the shadow of death, and they fear no evil. 

Tonight those sheep will sleep out there in the dark. In homes surrounded by their enemies, in a country devoted to evil. Turbulent whirlwinds of oppressions, hunger, poverty and lawlessness, will surround them, and yet God in all His wisdom will give them rest.  Unbelievably, He will place, in their hearts, love for the very enemy that stands ready with rocks.

What about you, little sheep?
Will you lie down in green pastures?
Will you have your every desire met?
Will you have all you need or want, all the protection and security, with blessings showered down on you...
And on that one day of the week, on Sunday, for 20 minutes, if you go, will you open your mouth when the band plays, will you lift your hands when they put the words up on the screen? When they dim the lights and make the atmosphere just right, will you yet not give your thanks and praise to your God? 

If you don't, if you choose to abide in your pride, then don't be alarmed when you see God coming with a hammer and a chisel. It may take years of pain, but He will accomplish His desire to free your hardened heart from the prison of which you've placed it. Remember then to consider your trials as pure joy, because He's only trying to bring you back from the dead.

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