Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Booths!

Did you know God loves camping? It's true! In Nehemiah 8 after around 800 years of forgetting God's word, the people began to read about the Festival of Booths. Booths are just makeshift temporary shelters, a.k.a tents. They got all excited to rediscover such a treasure, everybody threw up their hands and went camping! 

The Bible says their joy was very great!

The people would pitch a tent, sometimes in their own front yard, and live in it for a week, cooking, worshiping, sleeping, you name it. They even invited friends and family to celebrate.

They did life for a week in a tent, all to remember the time they spent in the Wilderness with God...

I'll never feel bad about my itch to go camping again. 
It's Biblical. :)

Break out the gear, grab the sleeping bags, don't forget the burgers and the dogs, bbq sauce, marshmallows, your Bible, maybe a guitar, and then get outside! You will find great joy just waiting for you, maybe even in your own front yard.

I love how unstuffy my God is. I can't wait to roast a marshmallow with Him. I wonder how He likes them? Extra crispy or slow-roasted?

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