Friday, June 7, 2013


We've been praying about pressing further into our village with a kids club, and God has been opening doors...literally. The children around here are thirsty for the Word of God. We will be working with a Haitian man whom I believe is called to children's ministry, named Vionel, and while we aren't sure if this will be AWANA or CEF or Good News, we know it IS going to include kids, God's overflowing Word, and fun. We aren't seeking to just entertain kids. We're hoping to equip them for eternity. For this reason we'd like to ask for your prayers in moving forward. 

 A local church and the leadership have already opened their doors to us. I'm giving the message there on Sunday and we hope to join arms with them.  I think their church is beautiful.

Our little village of Houck, Haiti is between other villages so there is no school and the poverty is great. The oppression is thick, but the people are hungry, Amen? We are also between two rivers, which is why we've nicknamed our place Mesopotamia, the Land Between 2 Rivers. The ground is fertile for a bountiful harvest I think. :) 

Please join us in prayer and lift up the kids here, from the babies all the way up to the teenagers. Nothing is too hard for the Living God.

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