Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Exposing Our Hearts

Learning whilst teaching this morning from the Bible and there is something discovered, realized in our hearts...

Humility is the fallout, the aftermath, the consequence of the grand struggle of man coming to terms with his own vile wickedness in full view of the righteous and loving God.

It doesn't matter how educated we are, how much money or security we have, how strong or talented we've become if we have pride in our hearts. Pride decimates all those defenses and brings our castles to the ground as we lift up our armor to expose our calloused hearts to the arrows. They fly hot and true, burning into the marrow of our being. We are breeched! We are compromised! We are destroyed, and it puts our agitated souls into a bed of raging poison ivy as we consider that all of the pain could have been avoided had we only bowed our heads.

Mark 2:23-3:6 was the content of our devotion this morning.

Exposing hearts, that was the laser-focus of Christ.   Always He turned every distraction and interruption into a teaching moment that might rescue and liberate one more soul.  He experienced righteous anger to those lofty Pharisees.  He grieved at their hardened hearts.  He taught.  He opposed the proud and brought grace to the humble, and we should do so well to follow in those steps.

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