Wednesday, March 26, 2014

He's Here!

When we got back from the mountain my friend Edain came to tell me about a man he knows that wanted to accept Jesus. The man had noticed a change in the countenance of Edain, and only knew he wanted some of that.
We came to his house and found him out in his garden working, and then found some shade to sit and talk.

We talked about being on the mountain just a few days before, watching the sun rise over Haiti and listening to the birds make such beautiful music, how all Creation sings about the presence of God, even though we live in a world blighted by sin. All the world cries out, Li La! Li La! Li La! (He's here! He's here! He's here!)

We walked through Scripture about how we've all sinned, and then we talked about what sin even means, the payment for sin, the wages, death, and how we can arrive at this place called Hell where there is no more of that beautiful presence of the Living God. No birds singing. No beautiful sunrise. A place where God is not. A place void of any encouragement or love at all. A place where forgiveness is never spoken, where the redemption of mercy and grace never arrive in the heart of the broken. Then we came to Jesus and why He died, how He made a road for us, a way for us to be fully, totally, absolutely immersed in the presence and the Love of God. He payed for our sins on the cross, and now the choice is ours. Do you accept Him or reject Him? He will give to you your heart's desire. Eternity in His presence, or eternity away from His presence.

I picked up a tiny pebble and told him that the more I follow Jesus the more I realize I understand him only maybe as much as this pebble, but that's ok with me. It's beautiful to me actually, because He wouldn't be much of a God if I could comprehend everything I've learned about Him. I've sinned greatly before I was a Christian and I've sinned greatly since I've been a Christian, and God forgives, and keeps on loving. He doesn't give up.

I told him that he would fall, and people would be watching him, waiting for him to fall, ready to point their fingers. Choosing Him isn't for a profit or gain, for a wealth you will find in this world. Choosing Him is a guarantee that you may find persecution, hardships, trials, and yet a promise that if you follow, He will be with you, always, to the very end of the age. His promise is for something they can never take away, eternity with God.

What do you choose today?

This middle-aged farmer rose, his eyes beaming and a great smile on his face. "I choose to follow Jesus." He cried out.

"What do I need to do? Should I get down on my knees?"

It had already arrive in this man's heart. Salvation so sweet and pure. A gift that can't be earned or bought, only received, amen? Please pray for Gerard today. He will begin coming to Pastor Pompee's church and on Sunday he'd like to be baptized. He is fully aware of his responsibility to share with his wife and children and grandchildren about this Jesus who is transforming his life, and even though he can't read the Word of God, he is eager to come and hear more about his Savior.

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