Monday, November 18, 2013

I Want Some More

I just want to share another praise if you'd afford me the time?
4 hours ago I posted about Pastor Pompee's moto breaking down.
2 hours ago a message came in from one of you in the States, about having a desire to give a love offering to us and Pastor Pompee. You didn't even know about the break down.
30 minutes ago I handed your love offering to the pastor. We prayed and drove to the village where he had to leave the moto a few days before, despite news of roadblocks and demonstrations. It started up and he drove it 2 miles while I followed him. Then it died. He is right now pushing it down the road. But he's now pushing that motorcycle the last 1/2 mile towards a mechanic with a great big smile and a bounce in his step. God is so good. He knows your needs before you even have a need.

This pastor left the only transportation his family has, on the side of the road so he could make it to Bible class on Saturday and translate God's Word. Then he had to pastor his church on Sunday and there he learned there were many kids who were sick, so instead of going for his motorcycle, he went and prayed for them. Today he was obliged to come and teach Oberline, as we've hired him to be her teacher. He walked to our house to teach first, fulfilling his commitment, and afterward planned to go for his motorcycle.

It is my absolute conviction that God searched and scoured the motives of this man's heart, and then caused hearts to stir in America on his behalf. Who wouldn't want to receive a Father in Heaven who just waits to meet your every need? I want some of that. I want as much as my cup can hold please. And the good news is I'm not Oliver Twist and God isn't some crooked faced Warden just waiting to whip my pants off. When I say, "Please Sir, I want some more." He says, "Amen! Come and get it! All you can handle, and then I have some more for later!"

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