Friday, March 15, 2013

Crusty Chewy Chips of Chocolate Cookies

My girl and I decided this morning we were making 
Chocolate Chip Cookies.
My Mom pulled out a 30 year-old recipe courtesy of her old friend Deebee Worthington and Brainy the Smurf, and we started in.  
I think a girl I used to know named Paula would be proud of her Momma's recipe.

They came out crunchy, yet chewy, and certainly full of chocolate.
Along with their school the kids got to dig into 
cookies for breakfast.

When I was a little boy I got up early one morning to make my Mom these very cookies for her birthday, but since I loved the dough so much, I dabbled and nibbled here and there as I mixed.
All she remembers is me waking her up with one plate and one giant cookie to wish her a Happy Birthday, a sickly green kid with a belly full of dough.  I'd eaten all the rest before 
it ever reached the oven.
So, in honor of my Mom,  today she got a giant cookie on a plate, and once again her boy, and now her two grandkids, 
have bellies full of dough.  :)

Even Jack the Cat bathed in the smell of fresh cookies.

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  1. Yep, nothing smells as good as those cookies from DeeBee's recipe! Those were her signature treat & every class she taught at Conestoga knew her for those cookies! I so remember that morning all those years. ago waking up & seeing Dan's face & realizing only 1 giant cookie was left out of all the dough!

    Good memories & good times to share w Abby & Logan....luv you Dan