Saturday, February 2, 2013

Unpredictable Haiti

Power cutting out, then on, then out again in Haiti: Predictable & Normal.
The thousands of people in front of my house suddenly screaming, chanting, running, yelling, with fire and bright lights and instruments of every kind banging and clanging...yeah, you might file that under Unpredictable & Peculiar. Ahhh Haiti. Just think, someday they will run and scream in the streets and shout and make all kinds of noise... for Jesus! :) 

(Sorry, no pics, it was way too dark, but I did capture audio. The kitty is a little freaked out...we may have to snuggle.)


  1. I just listened to the video. Dad, do you think it was people who came from the night club?

  2. No Peanut, they've started Karnival activities.