Friday, February 1, 2013

Can't Stand the Stench...

I just dealt with a drunk man out on the street in my village. After 20 minutes trying to have a conversation and him grabbing and touching me everywhere, when all I can smell is rum, I begin to run out of 'tender and trusting'. He says he needs money because he's thirsty, but I live right next to an artesian well. He says he needs money because he's hungry, and he has a big piece of bread sticking out of his pocket. I give him a mango from my tree anyway, and he complains that because it's fallen from the tree it's cracked, and therefore no good. I tell him if he doesn't want it to give it back and I'll gladly eat it. He puts it behind his back... and just when I get disgusted at his attitude and I can't stand the stench, the thought crosses my mind, 'I wonder how often I've looked and smelled like this man to God? '
We can all stand to have a little more grace and mercy and 'tender' on hand.

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