Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Give Me the Odds

Last year in Haiti my daughter's tooth began to seriously ache, and there just so happened to be an oral surgeon visiting on a mission trip the next day.  She was seen by a top doc in his field.

Last Spring when I crashed my motorcycle (very badly I might add) I landed a few inches away from a concrete block that would have taken my head clean off. That concrete block was the driveway of a nurse that happened to be home, who came running outside to give me medical attention. I saw her again just yesterday, and she remembered how lucky I was to have survived.  She said when I got up with blood running everywhere that I was looking around for my hat.  

Then, last week Kari's eczema (which was partially under control) really flared up and exploded all over her hands when she tried to help me plant in the garden. Her fingers cracked and bled and oozed, and the Haitians made a special paste from crushed leaves to try to ease her pain. Her thyroid had also been giving her alot of problems, and then we're pretty sure she stepped on a scorpion. The grand total of everything combined equalled one very out-of-commission Mom. But then, there just so happened to be an endocrinologist visiting on a mission trip this week, that is, a doctor who specializes in the thyroid, and he also just so happens to study skin disorders as well, so he knows all about eczema. He saw Kari as well as a woman from our village with a skin rash all over her body. Both came home with prescriptions and medicine, in the middle of Haiti...

What are the odds?  Can some math whiz crunch the numbers for me, just tell me how in rural Haiti I can crash exactly in front of the home of a nurse who, during working hours, happened to be home.  Or tell me how many oral surgeons have ever visited within 15 minutes of my village.   Better yet,  tell me how many endocrinologists also study skin disorders, like eczema, and then how many of them actually come, again, to within 15 minutes of my front door in Haiti?

Try to tell me again that there is no God....then try to tell me that He doesn't just completely pamper us....go ahead...try. :)