Tuesday, December 13, 2011

God's Donkey

My wife read to me the story of a man who used to take Bibles up into the mountains in China.  He was supposed to carry the Word of God to the people.
He said he was God's Donkey. 
That resonated with me. 
I think that's my great work, my seasoning, for now.  
Honestly, I don't even feel worthy for the task.
But this is the way He's arranged it.
I go and pick up Bibles in Cayes. The woman who runs the Bible Store knows me well.
I haul in the Bibles to my village, and then, almost as if on schedule, a pastor knocks on my door.
He's a new pastor.  
I've never met him.  
I've never been to his village.  
But he's heard of me and my call. 
We sit and have some cold water.  My brother-in-Christ always has a list for me, a list of souls, hungry for the word of God.
He always looks at me a little funny.  I'm strange.  I don't fit. I'm not cut from the Pastor cloth.  Not what you'd expect I guess.  
I've always been a little odd to the Shepherds, but I'm getting used to that.  When you look at the sheep all day, a donkey doesn't quite fit the mold.
We schedule a day that I will visit the church, or a day the church will come to the local clinic, and then he leaves with a bounce in his step, encouraged.  
The big day comes, and we bring the Bibles.
The people trickle in.  Then they pour into the chairs.
We give them the Gospel.
We write down their names in their personal Bible.
And they walk down the path to home.  
Big, hope-filled smiles.
Are they all saved? 
Was I born yesterday?
But my purpose is to bring the Word.  I'm not the Judge and Jury.
Discipleship is happening. In conversations, in actions, in love.
For now, it's a great privilege, an honor to carry these Bibles.  
When, or if He decides to give me more, I'll be glad to do more.
Other brothers and sisters, local men and woman, have asked to join us.  
They're not coming to get paid.  There is no pay.  
Only a chance to help. 
A pastor wants to come with me to the next church we visit.  
A young Christian man wants a part to play on Sunday when we give the Bibles again.  
There's not many parts.  
You can give a Bible. 
You can give the Gospel.  
You can testify of His Love.
Bible #408 walked down the main road of my village today.

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  1. Love reading the story Dan, and knowing your passion for the calling God has placed on your life.

    We love and miss you...and our gift to you & Kari this Christmas season is funds to purchase more Bibles..because that only makes sense right?

    Love you - Mom & Savine