Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Correct Measure...

Somewhere in the course of my life, my scattered brain decided that every time I wrote the name of Jesus, even in pronoun from, (had to ask my wife what that grammar word was called) it would be capitalized. Grammatically correct or not, I didn't care. When talking about the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Savior of my soul and the Breaker of chains, He, Him, just needs to have the proper respect appropriated.

Jesus is, after all, much more than your average, everyday 'he'.

In fact, so much so, that it occurred to me this morning that mankind, man, in all of his glory, doesn't even deserve the honor of the regular-sized 'm' in the his name. We so often think of ourselves with such pomp and puffed up ego that I think going forward we need to have an annotation, a way to cut ourselves back down to size and give us our rightful place in the great chasm of the His Creation.
Hereto forthwith, whenever I type or write the word 'man' or 'mankind', I will be using the correct measure of the person. That's right, I am just a man.

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