Monday, April 18, 2011

The Haitian Amen Song! (courtesy Andi Gedna)

A--Amen ______, A-Amen _________  A-Amen Whoa Amen, Amen!
1. Alelouya
2. an fe yon ti donse - let's make a little dance  (sounds like on fon tee donsay)
3. an fe yon ti chita - let's make a little sit (sounds like on fon tee sheetah)
4. an bese vwa yo - let's sing softly (sounds like on baysay vwa yo)
5. an fe yon ti vole - let's do a little jump (sounds like on fon tee volay)
6. an fwape men yo - let's clap our hands (sounds like on fwapay men yo)
7. fem tande vwa yo - make me hear your voice (sounds like fame tanday vwa yo)

1 comment:

  1. Andi - it was very nice to meet you and share a meal with you! It will be great to learn some Creole words while you are here with Dan & Kari.

    You have a wonderful smile!