Friday, July 3, 2015

Words Unspoken

Words Unspoken
The words that drive the deepest knife
and leave the soul so broken
live in the grief and pain and strife
of the silent words unspoken.
Be mindful of the words you say
yet more so of those you spare,
because both yet speak to a heart
that needs to know you care.
When you look upon a rose
freshly plucked and in the vase
its beauty or wither shows,
written there upon your face.
Not in the present circumstance
of that lonely flower there,
but in your own heart lies the dance
of which you must beware.
Will you ride your pride and die,
crush the petals by your gloom,
or celebrate and hold them high
and love the present bloom?
Do you see the wither or the rose?
Do you see life or only death?
It matters not what you suppose,
but what power is in your breath.
dc elliott 7.1.15

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