Monday, February 9, 2015

Special Delivery

Yesterday, my son delivered his first case of Bibles, solo via the moto, to an old pastor down the road who is losing his eyesight and can't walk very well.  I asked the pastor to wait in front of his house for his delivery, and I hollered for my son.
"Got a little job for you son."  I said.
"Yes, Dad?"  He said, always a little leery of what monstrosity I might require of him.  It could be to go climb that tree, shovel some dirt, weed the garden, haul the garbage or....well you get the idea.  A young man never really knows.
I threw the case on the back of the moto and said,
"Hop on and deliver these Bibles for me.  They go to the Pastor at the church down the road.   His house will be the one in front of the little church, and he should be standing outside waiting for you.  If not, just ask around."
Gulp. Pause. Silence. And then his feet were moving, I think before even his mind was in agreement.  He was saddling up.
It was a very sweet moment to me. He left a little nervous and unsure, and it felt a little like kicking the bird out of the nest.  When he vanished from sight after looking back, onto the Haitian National Road, I felt like I might puke.  Waiting for him to return was a lifetime, but the look on his face when he returned told me it was good for him, windswept hair and all.
I love this young man...
20 more people in our community will have their own copy of God's Word, thanks and glory to the Lord and His provision.

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