Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Marrying Up

My son wrote a paper today that showed me there is hope. His instructions were to read a story about some Greek who hated women so he sculpted one of his own out of ivory and then married her when the Goddess Venus gave her life. (Whack, yep, I thought so too) Then he was to retell the story in his own words. 

Well, he not only retold the story, he related it to the foolishness of man and how he began to blame God for everything so he left His commands and became the children of idols. He used the Greek philosophy to point to the foolishness of man in needing to create visible things, and used their own theology to teach about the character of God. God loved man, so He purposed for His Son to become the bridegroom of man, and man the bride of Christ, so that he could still marry into God's family and be accepted in His kingdom. From there he launched into an all out sermon and gave the Gospel.

My wife, the teacher, took out her red pen and made the dozens of corrections that a good teacher makes, using the proper code that only teachers know, R.O, (run on sentence) P (paragraph) arrow here, arrrow there, foxtrot charlie, tango, victor... She filled the remaining margins with questions to challenge his thinking and if he was really following the instructions by telling an entirely different story and not following the Ivory Woman/Greek God, (Whack) story.
She really is an excellent teacher, and wants him to grow into a fine young writer. I see her point...

Then I was allowed to critique, from the freedom of just being Dad...
"In the world of grammar and in view of all things proper, one might leave this paper scribbled with the red ink of correction. After all, there are rules. But, in the light of God and His uncanny character of breaking into the narrative of even His own Story, I say, Good Job Son. A+"

The following is Logan's story:
Man found much to blame God for so much so he began to leave the commands of the One who made him. Taking matters into his own hands man decided to be the children of idols who's names were Sexually Immorality, Impurity, Lust, Evil Desires, Greed, Anger, Rage, Malice, Slander And Filthy Language. Man crafted for himself other gods that were visible to the eye but invisible to the spirt. He wanted to believe in something physically seen rather than something invisibly seen. If man was truly seeking after truth he would have found that God is indeed visible. You see, God was only invisible by man’s definition of the word. If man was really searching for God he would have seen Him in the creation around him; in the plants that grow without anyone telling it to, in the wind that blows without ceasing, in the star that shines with all it’s brilliance, and in the moon that reflects with all it’s magnificence. As you search to obtain and look to discover you find that God is very visible and the visibility of the visible depends on the glasses you are looking through. Even though man in his foolishness despised God, God in his wisdom loved man. In that love, God chose before He created Creation to send his only Son in man’s definition of a visible being to be visibly crucified on the cross for man’s sins. He did this so that man may have a recorded document of His great love and faithfulness to him. Written from men who have seen the glory and power of God through the death of His only Son Jesus. The purpose of His Son is for Jesus to be the bridegroom and man the bride. So that man may have a way to marry into God’s family and become His son’s and daughters. No one can come to the Father except through Jesus, so without this marriage into the family of God, man has no way of inheriting the Kingdom of God. To do this man must accept Jesus as God and to acknowledge that He was crucified for man so that man might be able to be accepted into God’s family, inheriting His Kingdom. Ultimately it comes down to Love. For if man loves Him he will Obey Him and we love because He first loved us." Logan Elliott

By the way, he told me that he prayed before he began to write, so he really can't take the credit.   

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