Friday, September 27, 2013

A Promise Fulfilled

Well, it was in the fall of 2011 we were given $2000 to put towards drilling a well (or whatever we saw fit) for the village of Ti Rivier.  We committed that money towards helping the village with a new well to be drilled. Even though we moved away from that village last year, it was still a promise we intended to keep.  Most people believed we were lying and would just keep it, other people claim it was really $4000 we were given and we pocketed half of it, (which was a pure lie) and it's been a toss and turn battle with the enemy every since the beginning, HOWEVER,
Yesterday, September 26th, we were finally able to fulfill that promise.
A friend from the village came to my house and we released those funds to him.  I've had to keep his identity concealed from the public because I didn't want the temptation to extort him or threaten him.  Some just wanted me to hand over the money, but there was concern it would not be used for the community's water, so we tucked it safely away in a bank account.  Now that things are ready, the man was given the funds and he promptly deposited them with the driller.  The well with an electric pump is paid for with the receipt in his hand. Soon they will drill and will have fresh water electrically pumped in a location that will benefit those who need it desperately.

Thank you to those who wished to give and may God bless you richly.   It took a long time, red tape, and many battles in which we saw God shine victoriously, but the blessing is now and HIS will overcomes.
Of an interesting note, in my study for a message I'm giving, I looked up the Haitian translation for the English word 'Overcomer'.
I find it to be perfectly fitting for today... "FIGHT until you win the battle."
Such an active, living, persevering verb and rule-of-thumb for the Christian living in the everyday.

Please pray for the community to receive this gift with the open arms and encouragement by which is was given.


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