Tuesday, July 2, 2013


She's hauled alot of Bibles, alot of kids, alot of Haitians, alot of charcoal, rice, goats, roosters, dogs, live fish, cement, blocks, Guinea Grass, buckets of dirt, you name it. She's been up and down these mountain roads, splashed the cows in the potholes and bounced along on the rocks. She's crossed many rivers and spun out in the sand. She loves the color Mud so much that the Haitian boys in the city don't even bother to give her a washing anymore...but today as our mission car is pushing 250,000 miles, the knocking and wobbling and vibrating had to come to a stop. Shocks here, driveshaft there, bald tires and parts littered our yard as we looked at Humpty Dumpty and my son asked, "Will they ever be able to put her back together again?" 

Maybe tomorrow. We'll see. Right now she's propped up on a rock and a corn masher.

A carpenter I am not. A mechanic I am not. This week there are so many professions...that I am not. Good thing God is the "Great I AM". He also knows Who and What and When and Where and Why....all those guys, and I can rest easy in the question mark because He knows how to straighten them out too!

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