Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Spider's Meal

If in five years you can see my faith is not a part of me, I ask you now to intervene...

The smallest incremental steps,
a purposed dive into the depths,

Into the pits of low despairs.
Tangled, caught in the spider's snares.

It's here I bid you come find me,
lift my head and set me free

Cut the silks that chain and bind,
blow on the embers of my mind

And kindle that fondest memory,
the truth that Christ did set me free

And how it felt when His face turned
Away from me, how my heart burned

To flee the shadow of that eclipse,
to hear forgiveness on His lips.

To restore, redeem, renew this child
And rescue me from that reviled.

It's then will I remember Grace
And feel the warmth of His embrace.

To know His love does yet abide,
Down in the deep, within, inside...

And depart the nightmare I've made real,
I shall not be the spider's meal.

-Dan Elliott 6.17.12

....sometimes these words just pour out of me. Happy FATHER'S Day.

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