Saturday, February 11, 2012

Haitian Grafiti

I began to notice little scribbles here and there, a new one every day. Someone's been taking a rock to the hood of my car. I even thought once about staying up in the night so I could catch the kids responsible, but eventually decided against it. In the end, it's a tool for carrying Bibles and nothing more. It's a donkey, just like me, and hee-hawing never really works out well for me in the end. Instead of love, I'd just be a noisy gong. I've always been too good at the noisy gong part, so I think I'll put it in reverse. Maybe I'll put a design of my own on there?

A friend of mine suggested I leave a Bible with a rock and a note attached: "You'll make more of an impact in the world with this than with the rock."

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