Friday, January 20, 2012

Crazy Kids!

We took a day to drive out to the Loving Shepherd ranch and introduce the Babb family to Mr. Shane Shaw's wide open spaces.  The kids got to see the construction of a new building, hold and weigh Tilapia fish in a test for a new fish farm, and even witness the live birth of 2 brand new babies into the local goat family.   There were some seriously gross moments involved, like when the mother goat began to eat her own placenta, still attached to!  Didn't need to ever see that, ever!

The place is an oasis in the middle of a paradise for kids.  They can run to their hearts content, hold as many babies as possible, drink from a good water source, and never run out of space.  

Shane's been reclaiming the land for awhile now so the grasses are tall and lush, so soft we sat down and had a picnic of PBJ sandwiches and granola bars under the shade of a palm tree.  I'm reminded of home when I'm there.  If it weren't for the palms you might guess you're sitting at the foot of the Bighorn mountains.  I could have slept away the afternoon.

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