Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Finding our Place

We're not certain of anything yet, but this may be a possible house to rent in Haiti.  It's actually right on the road I just mapped in March.  We'd need to look at digging a public well, which carries a hefty cost.  I think it could be a great place to start, bringing clean water.  I seem to recall a story of another man, sitting at a well, talking to a woman about a different kind of water...the eternally quenching kind. :)

There is something more to pray about.
It's possible we may open a home for the restaveks in the area, under the wing of Mission Haiti.
We don't know any details right now, but we would appreciate prayer.
If we do open a home for these kids, this house obviously wouldn't do. Maybe when I go in July God will give me a great big flaming arrow, pointing the direction.  Maybe I'll hear him say, "Go Ye Forth, Daniel!"
Mostly I think He'll just smile, and ask me if I trust...after all, the big flaming arrow and the voice of Charlton Heston booming just wouldn't be 'Faith', would it?

You know when your toddler is finally getting confident in his or her steps, you can feel the strength in their legs as they stomp, stomp, stomp, marching along the path.  Then there comes a point when you have to release that death grip they have on your finger, watch them wobble like a duck and see how many steps they'll take.

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